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Welcome To

Crazy 88 Auto  was created to simplify the car buying experience for applicants with not so perfect credit. Traditionally, an applicant would have to visit numerous car dealers to ensure that they were getting the best deal in regards to the price of the car and also the financing terms. Crazy 88 Auto has simplified the car buying process by leveraging technology that instantly match’s the applicant with the closest and most appropriate car dealership. This process is completed based on the information that the applicant has entered in our online application. Please remember that after your application is submitted on you will be contacted by one of our lenders or dealers to come in and pick a car.

This is crucial because the more details that you can resolve prior to getting to the dealership the easier it will be to focus on picking your car. If you are contacted by one of our lenders opposed to one of our car dealers you can finish the approval process and walk into the car dealer of your choice with an approval in hand. By having an approval in hand, you gain the same leverage that a cash buyer enjoys.

Crazy 88 Auto Is Free!

Crazy 88 Auto offers a free service that doesn’t require any commitment from the applicant and is the preferred method of purchasing a car for more than 10,000 people per month. We are able to do all this by leveraging strong relationships with some of the largest lenders and car dealers across the US. Our participating lenders boast a 100% acceptance rate and approve applicants on a daily basis with: bad credit, no credit, slow pays, student debt, foreclosures, bankruptcies, $0 down and more. Do not let your past credit issues keep you from getting your auto loan APPROVED. Crazy 88 Auto finances your future not your past. Apply here and drive away today!

Why Crazy 88 Auto?

Get Approved Before You Arrive At The Dealer
Our Application Process Is Fast, and Secure
We Accept Bad Credit, No Credit and or $0 Down
Applying Online Doesn’t Mean That You Are Obligated To Buy

How Does the Process Work?

  • Fill out our fast & secure application.
  • Check your email for your approval.
  • Pick your car as soon as today!
  • 1st Time Buyers, We Say Yes!
  • Zero Down
  • Repossessions and Bankruptcies OK